Aug. 5th, 2015

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Hello, Queermail community!

This is my first time in LJ and I joined specifically because I was looking for a place to find lgbt penpals - preferably lesbians, so it will be easier to understand each other.
I'm actually a closeted and "late bloomer" lesbian. I realised the way I feel last year and I'm 31. I'm struggling to understand whether I'm bi, but I think I'm leaning towards the lesbian side of the lgbt spectrum.
I'm sort of a loner and lonely by circumstance. I feel it would be great to find a new friend I can create a bond with.

I recently read an interview in an online magazine, where the journalist asked the person interviewed to write their answers the old-fashined pen & paper way, and they uploaded it like that. It was a wake-up-call moment for me, it reminded me how powerful and personal a handwriting can be.
I love the internet, how easy and communicative it is; I've been using computers since I was 5 and my current job is mostly about the social media, online research and marketing. And I like it. But I'm already spending my whole day in front of the screen.
So, let's try this! Let's anticipate the mail, which should hold something more than just the wretched bills...!

So... I would like to find a person closer to my age, like, 27-36 years old.
My current hobbies are:
net-surfing (of course)
watching old-ish TV shows online (Grey's Anatomy, L word, Hercules Poirot)
Fantasy Football (soccer)
listening/discovering music
I love gaming, but it's a hobby currently on hold, due to my PC's poor condition & lack of next gen console.(Fave games ever include Crisis Core, FFVII & Sims - all of them!)
Be warned, I have an Otaku side and a soft spot for Japanese culture - but it's ok, I can leave them out the conversation topics list, if you don't like it.

If you think we have enough things in common and as many differences as we should, or you just liked what you read, please drop me a line to try things out.
I would like us to communicate via e-mail at first, if it's ok, to see if we like each other as potential penpals and confirm we are who we say we are.

It's easier for me to check my e-mails regularly, so you can send them to:

Thanks for reading me, guys, looking forward to receiving your mails!


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