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Name: Bianca

Age:22 (turning 23 next week!)

Location: Canada (specifically Quebec)

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Pansexual & Cisgender

Interests/hobbies: Finishing up my BA in philosophy and will be applying to grad school in the next year! Philosophy of art, feminist philosophy of law and philosophy of language are my three areas of specialty, but I am happy to read anything by anyone. I originally started my degree with a specialty in English Literature, so I'm quite familiar with most cannonical works. Reading fiction is still one of my primary interests, and I read anything from contemporary fiction to Arthurian Legends (but I really, REALLY love arthurian legends!) I also spend a lot of time cooking with my family, and I love to cook vegetarian and vegan meals! Addicted to coffee but I balance out the coffee-drinking hectic day to day chaos with calming cups of tea at night :) I've also been doing yoga for almost 4 years now and it's one of my favourite things to do, although swimming laps is also a must! I am also one of those girls with a membership card to the local museum, so I'm always hunting down the latest exhibit and enjoying myself there! Former theatre girl as well, so I try to get out and see a couple of plays a year (but that doesn't always happen, unfortunately). I'm a morning girl who likes to keep active and collects stamps but doesn't have enough people to send them to.

Oooh, I also play video games and watch anime for down time. Used to watch Korean Soap Operas, but haven't in a while! If anyone enjoys Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or Avatar: The Last Airbender, I'd definitely love to chat about those!

Favourite books:Not even going to attempt to answer this fully, but anything by F.Scott Fitzgerald is definitely up there ("This Side of Paradise" in particular). Edith Wharton's "House of Mirth" is also a contender, as is Sir Thomas Malory's "Le Morte D'Arthur. For anyone who is interested in philosophy, Wittgenstein's "TLP" and Rae Langton's "Sexual Solipsism" are two of my favourite.

Favourite films:The Philadelphia Story, Some Like It Hot, Divergent Trilogy, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Avengers (all of the individual Marvel films and the group film), etc. Always down to watch a new film, so suggest away!

Favourite music: Everything except rap. Also not fond of songs with strong violent content.

What would you like to send/receive?: Snail Mail, please!

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone! I'm quite open to meeting new people with vastly different interests/ life experience.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anywhere and everywhere!

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts")
Not particularly, I'd just like to be forewarned before I receive anything at the beginning of the correspondence.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: An interesting letter! I don't need much :) (maybe a cool stamp, too!)

Anything else you'd like to add?:

Picture (optional):


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