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Hello there. My name is Samantha.
I am a 24 female looking for pen-pal friends around the world.
I love doing snail mail more, so looking for some snail mail pals.
I am a long term pen-paler. I love making new friends in the world,
And learning about each and every body\there country. I would be happy to be friends with you.

I am a very simple easy going shy friendly sweet kind nice caring person.
I live on my own right now, with 2 cat's. I am a true animal lover big time.
I am looking for work right now. I use to work as a daycare worker.
I have 5 cat's at my family place, with 1 newt and 1 gerbil.
I am part Canadian and part Ukraine, but I only know English.
I am trying to learn Japanese, French and Ukraine right now.

Here are my hobbies\likes.
Anime, Video Games, Drawing, Crafting, Movies, Music, History,
Japan, Kawaii, Cute Stuff, Cat Stuff, Animals. Manga, Reading,
Cooking, Baking, Shopping, Gardening, Pokemon, Pen-Pals, Swapping,
Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Writing, and so much more stuff too lol.

Here is my address.

Samantha Ewasiuk
155 Briarwynd Court
T5T-0H4 Edmonton Canada


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