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Oct. 7th, 2015 11:24 pm
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Name: Hana

Age: 19

Location: Wisconsin, USA

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Pansexual, Female

Interests/hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing

Favourite books: anything by Vonnegut, Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

Favourite films: Tank Girl, Natural Born Killers, Spirited Away

Favourite music: Folk punk is my best friend (Dayz n Daze, Rail yard ghosts, Chad hates george)

What would you like to send/receive?: I'd be into emails. If I dig you, maybe we can text? I'm frequently on the move.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: I do not care. If you're cool, you're cool.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: still do not care

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: i don't know.. It'd be kind of hard to piss me off, or scare me off.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: a cute poem, or a weird story, a freaky picture? something creative.

Anything else you'd like to add?: keep it real *^*
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Name: Alexis
Age: 18
Location: West Virginia
How do you identify?: Female; Somewhere between Lesbian and Pansexual
Relationship: Single

Interests/hobbies: Eating, living, breathing, staying up late, texting, fingernail polish, glitter, arts and crafts, doodles, learning, baking, coloring, singing, winter, writing, reading.

Favorite books: I LOVE to read. I love pretty much everything by Jodi Picoult and Sarah Dessen. Twilight, Pretty Little Liars, Killing Britney, Lolita, Derailed, The Lovely Bones, A Child Called It, Boy Meets Boy, How They Met and Other Stories, Keeping You a Secret. I always welcome book recommendations!

Favorite shows: Pretty Little Liars, The Mentalist, Law and Order:SVU, CSI (all of them), Criminal Minds, Royal Pains, Psych, Switched at Birth, South of Nowhere (even though it's no longer on tv ): )

Favourite music: Panic! At the Disco will always be my favorite band, but other than them I like: Adele, Chris Brown, Cobus Potgieter, Demi Lovato, Drake, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Javier Colon, Kanye, Kraddy, Lights, Leona Lewis, Lil Wayne, Liz Gillies, Ariana Grande, Maddi Jane, Maroon 5, Patrick Stump, Selena Gomez, T.I., Tchaikovsky, Travie McCoy, Trey Songz, ZZWard.

What would you like to send/receive?: Lengthy letters, stickers, cute little things you find, things that remind you of me, things that'll remind me of you.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: I'm open to anyone, really. Age, sexuality, gender, none of that matters to me, as long as we get along!

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to: I'm an almost broke first year college student, so if we take the snail mail route, then it'll have to be within the US only. But if we email, you can be from anywhere.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Something that means something, either to you or to me. I want to get to know you, your faults and the beautiful things that make you, you!

Anything else you'd like to add?: Please remember, I'm in college. It might take me a day or two, or even a week to get back to you. If it'll take longer than that, I'll let you know via email or something. We can text, if that's your thing. I also have a tumblr (singlikethedovesx.tumblr.com). If you're interested, message me on my gmail: asmoudy@gmail.com
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Name: Kaily (kay-lee)
Sex: Bi-Female
Age: 24
Birthday: July 16, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Dragon
Location: Northern California
E-mail: be_still_my_heart106@hotmail.com
Main Interests: Drawing, reading, writing (poetry, fanfics, letters), collecting, anime, manga, supernatural/paranormal, myths/folklore, theology, vampires, yaoi/yuri, video games, art, and photography.
Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Snow Patrol, Maroon 5, Gackt, Hyde, Utada Hikaru, Aucifer, Taylor Swift, Akon, TI, Rihanna, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson, HIM, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Anberlin, The Beatles, Adele, 30 Seconds To Mars, Secondhand Serenade, Black Veil Brides, Vampires Everywhere, Glee Cast, and more.
Favorite Books: Twilight Series, Harry Potter Series, Interview With The Vampire, House of Night, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Tuck Everlasting, Ender's Game, The Hunger Games, The Land of Stories, and anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.
Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Serenity, Resident Evil Series, Dracula 2000, The Proposal, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Interview With The Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Silent Hill, The Nightmare Before Christmas, How To Train Your Dragon, Karate Kid('10), Sucker Punch, Underworld series, Enchanted, Hanna, and more.
Favorite T.V. Show: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Angel, Chuck, The Office, True Blood, Supernatural, Heroes, Charmed, Xena, The L Word, Bones, Dollhouse, X-Files, Star Trek, Law & Order: SVU, The Walking Dead, Terra Nova, New Girl, Whitney, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, and more.
Specifically Seeking: Anyone
What sex do you want them to be?: Doesn't matter.
What race do you want them to be?: Doesn't matter.
Where do you want them to be from?: Anywhere
What age do you want them to be?: Don't care.
Anime: Bleach, Naruto, Kamichu, Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Code Geass, Lovely Complex, Bokura ga Ita, Vampire Knight, InuYasha, Cowboy Bebop, Prince of Tennis, Get Backers, Ai no Kusabi, Gravitation, Loveless, Rurouni Kenshin, Cardcaptors, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Fullmetal Alchemist, Blood Plus, Samurai Champloo, Gundam Wing, Genshiken, Death Note, Aoi Hana, Strawberry Panic, Sasameki Koto, Ghost Hunt, Claymore, Saikano, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Ronin Warriors, Initial D, Natsume Yuujinchou, Hellsing, Durarara, D.Gray-man, Ao no Exorcist, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée, Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi, and more.
Manga: Mars, Naruto, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Hana Kimi, Hot Gimmick, Dengeki Daisy, Honey Mustard, Sailor Moon, anything by Kano Miyamoto, and more.
Games: Final Fantasy series, Star Ocean 3, Kindom Hearts series, Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry series, Bloodrayne, Drakengard, Xenosaga, Valkyrie Profile 2, Okami, Radiata Stories, Parasite Eve, Spyro series, and Crash Bandicoot series.

Links: deviantART
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Name: Allie (or AC...or Ace...or Joe...or Heyyou...or...)

Age: 19

Location: Maryland, USA, but the cities change depending on whether I'm in school or not.

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Female bisexual. Technically, I'm a romantic pansexual, but don't know for sure the actual sexual part.

Interests/hobbies: Reading, writing, music, The Sims (The Sims O_O), baking/cooking, rugby, watching soccer, television, nail polish, bikes, going to lectures, sociology and anthropology, history, etymology and mythology, things that smell nice, this list could continue but I'm stopping here.

Favourite books: I love Jodi Picoult and John Harwood novels. I will probably read anything/everything they put out (unless it's really, really shitty). The Chronicles of Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time, The Stand, Jane Eyre, Chronicle of a Death Foretold are also favorites of mine.

Favourite films: Hot Fuzz, Shawn of the Dead, Star Trek, O! Brother Where Art Thou, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Little Miss Sunshine, Spirited Away...This is actually a bit of a hard list because I don't really watch movies/like-like movies. I'm more of a television girl.

Favourite music: Jason Mraz, The Killers, David Bowie, Adele, Shakira, Juanes (I really like Spanish music...I just don't understand what they're saying), Foster the People, Mika, The Ark, Fitz and the Tantrums, Vampire Weekend, Andy Grammer, Maroon 5

What would you like to send/receive?: I would really like snail mail, and if there happened to be a mixtape of some of your favorite songs or candy or little trinkets like pictures, well that would be really nice. :)

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Someone who speaks English--not in a mean way. I fail at learning languages (I've tried very hard, but it never sticks). Otherwise, I'll be happy to correspond with just about anyone. :)

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: I guess the U.S. would be the easiest, but I wouldn't mind people from all over the world. (Especially the U.K.--I go there often. Or, at least I try to.)

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts") I'm fine with anything not alive, dead, perishable, or smells like death

What would be in your dream letter or package?: I nice letter of any length that tells me about your day/week/month and maybe makes recommendations about music, TV, movies, etc. etc. I'm rather lonely here at school and I just want to make some nice friends.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I have shitty handwriting and I curse like a pirate.

Picture (optional):

((Do excuse the crazy bangs. I have since figured out how to control them.))
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 Name: Jazzi

Age: 19 and 1/2

Location: Indiana

How do you identify?: I haven't quite figured this out yet.  I am female and closer to femme than to butch.  I am attracted to people who are intelligent, kind, and share my social and political values with little regard to outward appearance.

Interests/hobbies:  I like to knit, write, read (obviously), send obnoxiously full envelopes, record myself reading poems and poetry onto cassette tapes, draw badly, stare at the cute girl in my feminism class, and cuddle with people who are having a bad day.

Favourite books:  Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, and Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire; A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray; Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce; Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling; The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood; Possession by A. S. Bayatt; The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova; Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Full-Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti; Yes Means Yes by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti; The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir; ... A lot of other things ...

Favourite films:  I haven't seen as many movies as I wish I had.  I love children's movies because I believe that the relationships are so much more believable, the humor is more light-hearted, and because I very rarely leave feeling badly about myself.

Favourite music:  I like music that is light-hearted and upbeat, generally speaking, especially folk.  Again, I am not as well-versed in music as I would like to be.  Some of the bands I listen to frequently include Mumford and Sons, Sunset Rubdown, Iron & Wine, Josh Ritter, Kimya Dawson, The Bird and the Bee, and Andrea Gibson.  (Does spoken word poetry count?  It has lyrics ...)

What would you like to send/receive?: I can knit hats and scarves, I write stories and poems for people, I make awful paintings, I tear things out of magazines, and I can record myself reading stories for you.  I'd like to send tangible letters and gifts, but I would also be okay with e-mail, since it's faster and more convenient for some people.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who is kind, has an interest in arts and/or politics, and wants to send and receive mail from me, naturally.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?:  Any at all

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Anything with animal products:  I'm vegan

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Tea bags, lovely stories about someone's life, colorful photographs or paintings, small perfume samples, and genuine affection

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'm very shy at first.  Please don't let that scare you off.

Picture: Yay, belly dancing!
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Name: Elliott

Age: 17

Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) I identify as pansexual and transmasculine. 

Interests/hobbies: reading, writing short stories, music, cooking&baking, art, being trans, comics.

Favourite books: all the Harry Potter books, Let the Right One In, Tithe, Alice in Wonderland, Lolita, anything by Isaac Asimov or Kurt Vonnegut, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, Dracula, The Plucker. I love science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction.

Favourite films: Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Shining, Let the Right One In, Silent Hill, Mirrors, the Haunting in Connecticut, Empire Records,  Paprika, Inception, anything by Monty Python especially the Holy Grail, Pulp Fiction, Pan's Labyrinth, Fight Club, Shutter Island

Favourite music: Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, The Pixies, Placebo, The Cure, Thomas Tallis, William Byrd, Gogol Bordello, Tegan and Sara, The Feeling, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon

What would you like to send/receive?: Pretty much anything, but art and short stories would be great.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who likes writing letters, and who won't stop writing after one or two. Also, it would be cool if you were genderqueer, but not necessary.
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Name: V
Age: 23
Location: Finland

Zodiac Sign:
Sun: Gemini
Rising: Cancer
Moon: Aquarius
Rabbit in Chinese astrology.

How do you identify?:
A gentleman. Androgyne, very much in to male aesthetics anyway. Born female but never really felt like one (on the other hand how should a female feel like, then? I don't know). Like to dress in old-fashioned men's clothing. I guess I'm something in between. I have reached the state of mind where I just feel like a unique entity without any labels whatsoever. Mostly drawn to men and manly/androgyne women, but I don't think genders matter that much - I love everyone beautiful and inspiring. I'm generally not very interested in sex.

Travelling, hiking, solitude, silence, steam engines, film cameras, classic cars, seaweed, mysticism, found objects, tea-drinking, random activism; Swimming in the lake, making firewood, learning new things, combing through fleamarkets and antique fairs; All sorts of things. I'm a bookbinder and an exceptionally lousy painter. I wish I had more energy to paint, I still have dozens of unfinished boards from 2007 or 2008. Sometimes I just can't get myself together. Drawing, painting, arts and crafts are all part of my everyday life. Things I really need to learn: Welding, woodworking, rare languages, how to use a chainsaw.

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Name: (legal in one month's time) Katerick Alixan. But you can call me Alix

Age: 24

Location: Southern California

How do you identify?: basically? A gay man in a chick body. or, if you're into labels, genderqueer transmasculine pansexual, but that is just such a mouthful. and I'm taken :3

Interests/hobbies: Writing, Reading, torturing fictional characters... But anyway, I have a lot of interests, but I also don'tget to delve into some of them as often as I'd like. I am a TOTAL language geek, and I currently am almost trilingual (english, spanish, German), but I'd like to learn about 10 more, including Finnish and Lithuanian. Yeah. I know. I'm crazy. I also love psychology and poking around inside what makes the mind tick, because crazy characters make for interesting characters. I love music, both my parents are opera singers and my dad sings on movie soundtracks, so music is always an important thing. I like a lot of computer stuff and video games as well. Oh and Roleplaying. I roleplay online, via IM, in 1 on 1 situations, I'm also up for email RPing, and if you live near me, D&D is fine too :D

Favourite books: Oh dear jesus. where to begin. I love books that are strange. I confess that since becoming a full time student on the quarter system, I have had very little time to actually READ anything, and I'm in the middle of about six books. But I really like fantasy novels, like the Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko, and I'm also a fan of Warren Ellis, James Patterson, Dean Koontz, etc. I know there's a scad of books that I NEED to read, such as anything by Gaiman and Pratchett, but I just haven't yet, please don't kill me lol.

Favourite films: My mom used to be a film studies teacher, so um. almost anything. Except for really stupid movies like Jackass or movies that look to be entirely about fart jokes. My favorite genres are fantasy, psychological thriller, drama, and action movies. I fucking love action movies, especially stupid ones that are just there for the sake of LET'S LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS.

Favourite music: I prefer foreign music to American music, and my favorite genres are rock, metal, industrial and "other" since I have some strange shit in my ipod. My favorite band is a German band called OOMPH! who are listed as Rammstein's inspirations. I also like VNV Nation, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Van Canto(a capella metal, how can you NOT like that), Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Icon of Coil, Letzte Instanz, Kaizer's Orchestra.... and of course I've got a soft spot for the stuff I listened to when I was growing up like Eve 6, Crazytown, *NSYNC, old No Doubt, etc. I also have a bit of guilty pleasures, like Banghra music, and Limp Bizkit, and old seventies German pop music, or those old dance hits from the 90s that were played around the 8th grade dance.

What would you like to send/receive?: Mostly emails or IMs, I have no time to write and will frequently forget that I have mail I need to send.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: pretty much anyone? I really like to talk to other people who are somewhere around the same area as me in the gender spectrum, just because I haven't found many people to talk to about it, but outside of that? just people who share my interests.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: anywhere. If it's somewhere that English isn't the main language, I'd like to learn others, but right now German would probably be the best foreign language to send me. Or Finnish if you can translate it in the email because damn y'all's language is hard xD

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: angryness, bad spam, trolling etc.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: I'd just like to make some new friends, if I can do that? I'd be happy.

Anything else you'd like to add?: mmm.... I won't be online that often, but I'll always try to respond within a day or two to your emails!

Picture (optional):

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I've done this once before and I have been talking to some great people ever since (Z <3). So, why not try it again and see who I come up with! :)

Name: Alexis

Age: 16

Location: Baltimore, MD

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Pansexual Female.

Interests/hobbies: I love psychology and answering/asking questions. I'm a girly-girl, so I love dressing up, eyeshadow, mascara, make up of any kind. I love to bake cupcakes, paint, take pictures, play with hair, laugh, and sing. I won't lie to you, I'm not always nice - I insult people like it's going out of style - but who is always genuinely nice these days? I'm not afraid to tell you what I think, and I like to play the devil's advocate. I write because it's my passion and I strive to learn something new, everyday. Even though I have my mean tendencies, I like to think I have a big heart. There's so much I care about, I have so much love, and I'd like to share it with you.

Favourite books: Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras by Scott Westerfeld. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The Twilight Series (Yes, I am serious. I'm a hopeless romantic). I absolutely ADORE books, so I have tons of favorites that would take me too long to write. I'm always open to suggestions, however. :)

Favourite films: I love little kid movies. Alice In Wonderland (the original. Don't even get me started on the remake) is probably my absolute favorite movie. The Shining, Step Up 1-3, Final Destination 1-4, Save The Last Dance. I don't like: LOTR, Harry Potter, The Breakfast Club, The Goonies, or Forest Gump.

Favourite music: I love classical music (Tchaikovsky <3), The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, The Temptations, Gym Class Heroes, Travie McCoy, you name it and I'll tell you if I like them.

What would you like to send/receive?: I'm big on letters and cards (birthday or holiday, or just random cards). But if letters are not your thing, I can do email, too. Pick your poison.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Well, I'm only 16, so keep that in mind. The highest I'd feel comfortable going is about 19.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anyone! International mail is surprisingly cheap (my letter to Italy only cost me 98 cents!) But, once again, if international mail isn't so cheap for you, I have an email address.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts"): I'm not big on food in the mail or things that will get me in trouble with the law. Remember, I'm only 16.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Letters, cards, pictures, cd's, dried flowers, drawings, stories, poems, something bright and colorful, anything you think will get me to know you better.

I'm looking for life long friends. If you have commitment issues, then I'm probably not the girl to talk to. And I am in school, so it might take me a day or two to send the letter back. But don't fear, I will always reply. I can write and read a bit of French (I'm a beginner), but I'd prefer English. Let me know if you're interested! :)
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Name: Alexis
Age: 16
Location: Maryland
How do you identify?: Pansexual female
reading, writing, photography, arts&crafts, singing, smiling, laughing, friends, those who use spell check, stuffed animals, psychology, Nigerian accents, flying, traveling, online shopping, shoes, the Holocaust, eye shadow, purses, hair, white teeth, cold weather, snail mail, flowers.
Favourite books: I love absolutely anything by Jodi Picoult, Stephenie Meyer, Sarah Dessen, Jon Ripslinger, Julie Ann Peters, Sara Sheppard, Sean Olin, Nicholas Sparks, Ellen Hopkins, Vladimir Nabokov, Alice Sebold and others.
 Favourite Movies: Step Up 1-3, Final Destination 1-4, Funny Games, Charlie St. Cloud, Save The Last Dance, Alice In Wonderland, The Little Mermaid.
Favourite music: 3OH!3, *Nsync, Blue October, Breaking Benjamin, David Sides, Death Cab For Cutie, Demi Lovato, Destiny's Child, Fall Out Boy, Family Force 5, Finger Eleven, Flyleaf, Gym Class Heroes, Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, Marz, Mayday Parade, Panic(!) At the Disco, Jonas Brothers, Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, Porcelain and the Tramps, Ray J, Rick Ross, The Script, The Secret Handshake, Selena Gomez, Sir Mix A Lot, Spice Girls, T.I., Travie McCoy, T-Pain, Yiruma, Keiko Matsui, Debussy, Paramore, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, Trey Songz, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Wynton Marsalis, Vanessa Carlton, Anna Nalick, Relient K, Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North, Mario, Usher, Chase Coy, Tchaikovsky.
What would you like to send/receive?: I'm a huge snail mail fan. I like to send letters, pictures, if you don't live in America, I could send you American money (foreign money is interesting to me), candy wrappers, post cards, dried flowers, coloring book pages. If you don't mind me sending slightly weird, colorful things, then I'd be glad to correspond with you. :)
Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who is as creative and sweet as I like to think I am. Preferably female, but an interesting male would be okay. It's important to me that you are able to hold a conversation. I don't want anyone older then 19, though. Sorry.
What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anywhere!
Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Don't send me anything creepy or illegal. If you wouldn't send it to your grandmother, don't send it to me. Remember, I'm only 16.
What would be in your dream letter or package?: Pictures. I love pictures. I want a letter full of secrets and pictures and interesting things.
Anything else you'd like to add?: I am in school right now, please understand that. It might take me a day or two to respond to you. I'll respond as fast as I can. If I sound interesting to you, let me know. I'm itching to get a penpal! :)

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Name:  Ryan Leaptrott

Age:  23

Location: Southern USA

How do you identify?:
(sexuality/gender) FtM preop transgender, pansexual

Interests/hobbies: Reading, travel, cooking, collecting stickers/hyenas/gargoyles/rabbits/pandas/stamps, anime, furries, conventions, sewing, drawing, history, nature, exploring other cultures, trying new foods, pokemon, video games, penpal-ing, jewelry making, computers/internet, music, animal conservation, comic books/manga,

Favourite books: Harry Potter,  The Lord of the Rings, the Dark Elf Trillogy, People of the ____ Series by the Gears, History books, cook books, Freak the Mighty, Where the Red Fern Grows, heck... I'll sit down and read most anything once...

Favourite films: Boys Don't Cry, Better than Chocolate, Inglorious Basterds, FightClub, Full Metal Jacket, Disney movies, Tim Burton movies... I love lots of things but honestly read more than I watch movies.

Favourite music: I have extremely varied music tastes and they really depend on my mood...

What would you like to send/receive?:  I would love a penpal who likes to exchange small gifts like stickers, post cards, a hand made bracelet... things like that.. It's not a requirement though, as long as my penpal has something interesting to say and will write at least once a month, though I understand that things come up some times and we don't get a letter out as fast as we had planned.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone! As long as they are open minded and can hold a good conversation on paper.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anywhere in the world! I LOVE international penpals, but ones in my own country are fun too because the letters come and go faster.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?:
(eg. "food/candy with nuts") Uhmmm I don't know.. I'm not too picky, I'd just appreciate that my penpal thought of me enough to send me a gift!

What would be in your dream letter or package?: A nice long letter, maybe some stickers, stamps, or something like that.. I love surprises, so I can't rightly say.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Contact me soon! =D I'm itching to write!

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Name: Luce



How do you identify?:

I take to a fiddle now and then but I'd hardly call it playing. I like hiking, kayaking, tabletop RPGs, some computer games, getting lost in the forest, studying language and assorted other things (helpful and less than-), working at the local library, feeding the neighborhood cats and tending to my tiny garden.

About me:
I read to a fault, I'm one of those people who reads while they're walking or watching something or waiting in line. I love to read fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, anthropology, instruction manuals or whatever I find laying about. I think baking with the right person can be sexy and adventurous. I can be embarrassingly easy-going because I believe there is a subtle grace to the way that things unfold and I love to see where life takes me. This may all makes me sound very adventurous but in fact I'm pretty passive. I would prefer pomegranate tea and a good book near the window to the outside world any day.

Favorite books:
This question is just too hard!

Favourite films:
I really enjoy low-budget, corny movies - especially thrillers. I really like to watch documentaries, old noir and black and whites.

Favorite music:
I'll listen to almost anything. I love global music. I'm not a big fan of rap or some country-western. Right now I'm really enjoying "gypsy punk", jazz fusion and old southern spirituals.

What would you like to send/receive?:
I'm open to anything. I'd love to share seeds or recipes, puzzles, mix CDs, collages, sketches or knitting. I would really love to make friends with whom I could exchange stories in letter form.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?:
I'd love to hear from anyone who feels like writing.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?:
Any and all.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?:
I'm pretty open...I would prefer that the outside of the mailing be discreet, as I live in a conservative area and it's not entirely safe to share my identity here.

What would be in your dream letter or package?:
I would love to have a regular pen pal with whom I could exchange riddles. I have a lot of spare time in which I create cryptograms. If this sounds way too geeky for you I completely understand.

Picture (optional):
I'm not completely comfortable with sharing my identity here due to aforementioned conserve small town living.

Anything else you'd like to add?:
I've been watching this community and I think the idea is wonderful. It would be nice to forge friendships with others nearby or far away. It's amazing to think that perhaps by sharing our lives with internet strangers we can all be a little less isolated.

hey :)

Jul. 6th, 2010 11:31 am
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Name: amanda, panda

Age: 22

Location: california

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) pansexual- there is beauty in everyone.

Interests/hobbies: i love to read, watch movies, and hang out with my friends and family. i am interested in sociology and social work. i love fashion, music, art, and volunteer work. i am a student currently transferring to a four year college to study social work with a minor in sociology. :) i love photography and i suppose i am an amateur photographer -it's a hobby.

Favourite books: i have read so many books in the past six months and a ton in my life, but some of my favorites are: the stranger by camus, the percy jackson and the olympians series, the lovely bones fruits basket manga. i love to read teen novels (ah!) but i will try to read anything. i am currently reading aberaham lincoln vampire hunter

Favourite films: death to smoochie, star trek (2009), the hangover, grandma's boy, clueless, breakfast on pluto, and a ton more.

Favourite music: i love a little bit of everything. my top five would be: say anything, my chemical romance, something corporate, jason mraz and aphex twin. i kind of go through music phases -kind of like clear cutting a forest.

What would you like to send/receive?: right now i am in the middle of moving out of the county, so e-mail will be the best. eventually i would like to receive letters and other cool stuff.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: anyone -people with similar interests or from different states/countries. people from califronia. ;)

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: i will try anywhere once i have a more stable situation.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: pornography, anything that will melt/rot/die.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: pictures of cute or pretty things. handmade jewelry, post cards and the like.

Anything else you'd like to add?: i would love to communicate with anyone in the LGBTQ community.

Picture (optional):


Jul. 5th, 2010 11:05 pm
[identity profile] thatsmydaisy.livejournal.com

Name: Tiana or Teddy


Location: San Francisco

How do you identify?:

Interests/hobbies: Cinema, Classy/Vintage (Nude) Photography, Candy, Themed Parties (Tea/Masquerade), Conventions, Taxidermy, The French, The 90s, Napping, Road Trips, Blanket Forts, Running, Baking, Adventures, Quests, Wine and Cheese, Perfume, Trinkets, Anything Dainty, Elegant or Charming

Favourite books: Of Human Bondage, Exquisite Corpse, Drawing Blood

Favourite films: The Doom Generation, Liquid Sky, Nowhere, Is It Fall Yet?, Masculin Feminin, Death Proof, Bande a Part, Murmur of the Heart, Brazil, Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Dreamers

Favourite music:
Siouxsie and the Banshees, Calico Horse, Scarling, Billie Holiday, Bauhaus, David Bowie, Edith Piaf

What would you like to send/receive?:
Oh whatever. Snail Mail, Care Packages, Postcards, anything fitting or random.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who holds similar interests or is interested in similar interests haha, can hold a conversation and/or is french

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: I was kidding about the French thing, I truly do not care where you live.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Anything that Divine would send in the mail.

Anything else you'd like to add?:
I write in cursive ^_^

Picture (optional):

[identity profile] ecto-gammat.livejournal.com
Name: Let's go with ecto for now =P

Age: 23

Location: Maryland, USA

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Pansexual, non-binary trans, predominantly female presentation

Cut to save your FLists )
[identity profile] uglynoodles.livejournal.com
Name: Jamie

Age: 21

Location: Manchester, England

How do you identify?: (genderqueer leaning towards male//pansexual//biologically female)

Interests/hobbies: retro games, modern games, sci-fi, alien, predator, pokémon, drawing, veterinary medicine, learning languages, animation, urban exploring, keeping fit, stationery. I AM A GEEK. I like D&D and stuff like that. Werewolf/Vampire, etc.

Favourite books: Life of Pi - Yann Martel

Favourite films: Léon (The Professional), Jurassic Park, Aliens, Indiana Jones, Snatch, Collateral, The Secret of NIMH, The Land Before Time... a zillion more

Favourite music: Too much to list. Seriously. Some notables: The Beatles, The Who, Morcheeba, Tchaikovsky, Kasabian, Oingo Boingo, Incubus, Gorillaz, Franz Ferdinand

What would you like to send/receive?: Letters, trinkets, tea, art, music, give/receive advice

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: anyone

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: UK and Canada are big ones -- From Canada, live in UK. Anywhere in the world, really. It's not expensive to post a letter.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts") sexual solicitations. Nothxplz.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Pictures! Stickers, mix CDs, anything that offers an insight into who you are as a person. Other minds fascinate me. :D

Anything else you'd like to add?: This sounds rad, bro. Also I can read/write Katakana and Hiragana. I speak a bit of Japanese and filthy Quebecois French. (At least, the French real France say it's filthy. Apparently Canadian French is gross or something. W/E)

Picture (optional): TAKE THOSE HEADPHONES OFF YOU ARE NOT TRENDY ok maybe i am a little bit


Jun. 26th, 2010 05:18 pm
[identity profile] felixitous.livejournal.com
Name: Caitlin

Age: 18

Location: Maryland, US

How do you identify?: Lesbian with an FTM boyfriend

Interests/hobbies: I read, I draw, I write, I paint, I play (far too many) video games, and I like computers.

Favourite books: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and the Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl series. I love young adult/kid's books.

Favourite films: Shaun of the Dead, Princess and the Frog, musicals a la Repo! The Genetic Opera or My Fair Lady. I'm also a fan of cartoons like whoa.

Favourite music: The Decemberists, Florence + The Machine, The Ditty Bops, My Birghtest Diamond, The Bird and the Bee, The Bravery, The Buggles, Regina Spektor, The Noisettes, The Killers, Scissor Sisters, Army of Lovers, Eisley, The Hush Sound, The Fear of Falling, Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Ani Difranco, and also plenty of trashy Swedish pop. I, uh, like music :B

What would you like to send/receive?: Letters, primarily, and probably friendship. Friendship is good.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone!

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Any! Though I only speak English.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Interesting news, letters in such bad handwriting I take two days to decipher it, little trinkets, weird things. I also like food, but I'm not sure how that would hold up in the mail.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'm disgustingly friendly, and also taken, but I'd love to have more LGBT friends.

And in case you're not a fan of snail mail, I've got messengers like crazy:
AIM: tyneserais (subject to change)
Windows Live/MSN: felixitous@live.com

Picture: I'll send that eventually, don't worry. I don't want to scare anyone as of yet.
[identity profile] arisingsymphony.livejournal.com
Name: Crissy

Age: 22

Location: Louisiana, USA

How do you identify?: Effeminate female. *wears a lot of skirts*... I'm either: (a) bisexual with a tendency toward women; (b) a lesbian; or (c) pansexual, because I still think my ideal partner might be a cross-dresser, haha. I'm really not into labels because then it's like you have to be/act in a way that depicts that model. I'm more of a a "I am what I am" type person.

Interests/hobbies: Um... I love Japan for more than its anime and manga. I'm 2/3rd's finished with my psychology degree (possible art minor). I draw and paint, and write poetry that comes out in splatters but for some reason people still like it. I appreciate nature, coffee, and drag queens. I love opera and steaks. I'm crazy yet down to earth, emotional yet rational. I'm spiritual but not religious. I love talking to new people! When I'm not being in depth, I'm very random: expect anything and everything. I get wayyyy too much pleasure out of organizing. Art and music and creativity fuels my soul. I can't help but think too much. I love corsets and lace and painting my fingernails black. I can get way too hyper about things. I like to send people random stuff, bwaha.

Favourite books: I'm not ashamed to say that I really don't do books. I like a few manga series (Kuroshitsuji, Loveless, Godchild, etc.) because I can sit and ogle at the gorgeous artwork like a five-year-old. Otherwise, I enjoy some good poetry every now and then, but I love reading articles and non-fiction things more than I will ever enjoy a fiction novel. I enjoy reading about psychology (obviously), philosophy, art, sexuality, mythology, spirituality, culture... The list goes on!

Favourite films: Moulin Rouge, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, August Rush, Phantom of the Opera, V for Vendetta, Guys and Dolls, The Eye (original Chinese), various other Asian films. Wolf's Rain is an anime but it should count because it's incredible, haha. [Edit: Oh! And the Resident Evil and Underworld sagas.]

Favourite music: Symphonic metal is my favourite genre. Classical music, J-rock, or other rock music that has a point to it (can't stand "emo" bands). Within Temptation, Lisa Loeb, Flyleaf, Brandi Carlile, Malice Mizer, Chevelle, Muse, Sia, Blue October, Snow Patrol, Queen, Vanessa Carlton, Evanescence, Goo Goo Dolls, Korn, Savage Garden, Stella Soleil, Vanessa Mae, Velvet Eden, D'espairsRay, Kagerou, Plastic Tree, Rentrer en Soi, Minagawa Junko, Yoko Kanno, Bach, lots of others. I have music in like 20 different languages, whoa.

What would you like to send/receive?: Actually, I really like instant messaging programs, but I do understand that many people are too busy for that, and some times it's inconvenient because of time zones. So, e-mail is great, too. :D I make my own stationery and regularly write, but I probably won't be cool with "snail mail" until I really know you, sorry. =\

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who shares something to talk about. :D

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: No preference. It's fascinating to talk to people from other parts of the world because the cultures are so diverse, but just know that I only speak English. (I know a little French and a little Japanese but probably not enough to get by with, haha)

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Nothing randomly vulgar or gross?

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Anything constructed from elegant stationery with old fashioned ribbons and wax seals... Yeah.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I think that about covers it!

Picture (optional): Photobucket Photobucket

Hi there!

Jun. 25th, 2010 12:14 pm
[identity profile] goldycowcow.livejournal.com

Name:  I'm Kristen!

Age: 16.

Location: USA.

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Female, pansexual.

Interests/hobbies: I'm into like..everything haha. I love the arts. I love creating things, be it pictures/writing/music. I'm also very into health... I exercise and try to have fun! I also appreciate other people's art, by the way, very much.

Favourite books: Violet & Claire, 1984, Johnny Got His Gun, Walking Naked, Harry Potter books :)

Favourite films: Okay here's where I'm still in elementary school. I love the Disney classics (Hercules, The Lion King, Mulan) and various others (Balto, Anastasia). Alsooo... The Ring, Elf, The Harry Potter moviess.

Favourite music: A lot! Lykke Li, Placebo, The Kooks, Brand New, Amy Winehouse, The Noisettes, The National, No Doubt, Shakira (lol?), Miss Li, Sia

What would you like to send/receive?: Well, I'd kinda be great for email... Depending on where you are, I could mail physical letters or whatever else. :D But my parent's aren't comfortable with me sharing my actual address so meh.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: If it's email... anyone! So long as it's in English. I can speak a little Spanish but if I would be written to in it, it would have to be simply worded haha. If it's physical mail, I can only send to people in the US.
But I would stick with email!

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Pshaw, anywhere.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Umm... illegal things?

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Okay... since I can basically only receive email... a very nice email?! Ahaha. Maybe if there was like a playlist included, a picture, lyrics, something, anything..! As long as it's sincere.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Um um. I wouldn't mind just chatting around. My AIM is kristenitaa and I could text you if you're in the US! Also, my email is 12nisukr@gmail.com so feel free to hit me up :D

Picture (optional): I'm the blondie. :Dpics under cut :D )

[identity profile] taillerspotato.livejournal.com

Name:  Taylor-Anne

Age: 16

Location: Canada

How do you identify?:
(sexuality/gender) Pansexual female.

Reading, singing, acting, drawing, painting, photography, photo editing

Favourite books:
Harry Potter, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Eragon, City of Bone, Alice in Wonderland

Favourite films:
Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, The Grudge, Final Destination, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland (all versions)

Favourite music:
Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Bulet for my Valentine, Shinedown, The Beatles

What would you like to send/receive?: 
Emails preferably

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?:
Anyone I love to talk to people! :)

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?:
Well I speak english, and a bit of french so please limit it to those languages ^_^

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?:
(eg. "food/candy with nuts") Real mail.......my mailman is terrible he ALWAYS loses my mail so I'd rather not risk it.

What would be in your dream letter or package?:
Something you can tell they took the time to reply. You know when it's full of thought just not one word answers kind of thing.

Anything else you'd like to add?:

Picture (optional):


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