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I am new here and I am looking for someone to chat with via Skype or email (S-hroberts0034 E-hroberts0034@gmail.com). I am 19 and a college student with the major of Psychology. I love music and inspirational quotes. I love the outdoors and love to read. If your looking for someone to chat with and are between the ages of 17 and 24 hit me up :-)
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Name: Alyssa

Age: 21

Location: New Hampshire

How do you identify?: Female/Lesbian

Relationship: I’ve been in a relationship with my wonderful girlfriend for nearly three years now, so I should note that I am looking for good friends and great conversation – nothing romantic!!

Interests/hobbies: Writing poetry, photography, film, art, reading, sleeping, eating, musing, watching, listening, and anything that opens, confuses, fills or frightens my mind.

Favorite books: Though my heart lies with poetry, I do love Frankenstein, The Bell Jar, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 1984, The Things They Carried, The God of Small Things, Mercury Under My Tongue, The Catcher in the Rye, and most everything by Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Charles Bukowski, Jonathan Safran Foer, David Sedaris, Miranda July and more. Anything that makes me feel (again), really.

Favorite shows: I could waste the day away watching the Food Network, or any cooking show(s) in general. I can’t deny that I love dramas, such as Grey’s Anatomy, and I do love the following for multiple reasons: Work of Art, The Amazing Race, Face Off, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, Modern Family, and old gems like The L Word (did it really have to leave)?

Favourite music: I go crazy for music, but tend to find myself rather conservative in what I like; I love singer/songwriters and indie/folk rock. A few of my favorites: Regina Spektor, Bon Iver, Imogen Heap, Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Ingrid Michaelson, Eisley, Iron & Wine, City and Colour, Bright Eyes, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Fionna Apple, Fionn Regan, Vampire Weekend, etc.

What would you like to send/receive?: Letters, pictures, creative writing, musings, music/movie/books/anything recommendations, mixes, recipes, secrets, etc... I would love snail mail, but e-mail, texts, messages or the like work just fine.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: I'm open to anyone, but would especially love others involved in the LGBTQ community, preferably not over 30, and if you are a female and lesbian, it’s certainly a plus, but absolutely not a deal breaker.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to: I only speak English, so primarily somewhere English speaking…mail rates are expensive, so within the USA would be great, but if you don’t mind connecting via email or other internet means, international is fine too!

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Anything and everything…dreams, hopes, secrets, happiness, sadness, pictures, artwork, poetry, music; a letter that acts as a window to your life.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I love. A lot. If you don’t really consider yourself someone who is hoping to establish a wonderful and loving connection, I may not be your girl!! 

Photo: Me!!

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Name: L

Age: 28

Location: Philadelphia

How do you identify?: Queer femme -- I'm in a 4-year relationship with a generally straight dude. He rules.

Interests/hobbies: Coffee-making, coffee chemistry, coffee nerdery. Photography, in particular self-portraiture. Going to see lots of live music and gathering gumption to make my own. Riding my bike as much as possible. Learning the ins and outs of opening a business opening someone else's place, because I plan to open my own in the next year. Also, scouring thrift stores and flea markets for that lovely thing I can't pass up. Collecting: Raggedy Ann and Andy things, dead things, old things with charm, jewels of the costume variety, and records that are scratched but have fabulous album art. Fashion, passably, but not mainstream things very much. I also do more than the average amount of baking.

Favourite books: How about authors instead? Jeffrey Eugenides, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Thisbe Nissen, sometimes Augusten Burroughs, Tom Robbins, Carson McCullers, Henrik Ibsen, Zadie Smith, Anita Diamant. I collect books impulsively, mostly from flea markets and thrift stores, mostly about art and artists, photography, essay collections, historical collections, feminist collections from the 90's (awesomely hilarious at times), classics that I should have read in high school or college but only skimmed to write the assignment. I love books. I would trade books, actually, if someone wanted to do that.

Favourite films: The Royal Tenenabaums (ok, all of Wes Anderson), Shortbus + Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Love Actually, all the Nova specials on Netflix, all the historical documentaries on Netflix, all of the bad crime dramas on Netflix. Revenge of the Nerds, the Harry Potters, Clerks, terrible 80s films starring John Cusack, Joan Cusack, or Jeff Goldblum, Weird Science, Labyrinth, Doctor Who (I have a problem).

Favourite music: David Bowie, Dr. Dog, LCD Soundsystem (yes, still), Ponypants, Wanda Jackson and the other ladies of rockabilly, the Carter Family, Willie Nelson, Meryl Haggard, Hoots & Hellmouth, Peaches, Neko Case, Regina Spektor, Bon Iver, The Flaming Lips, Roky Erickson, Antony & the Johnsons, The Avett Brothers, SO MUCH MORE. Never too much.

What would you like to send/receive? Mix tapes or CDs, stickers from local businesses in your area, drawings or art that you make, letters telling me about you and your life happenings, fiction, 'zines, local independent news publications/magazines, photographs, small bits and bobbles you've found in your journeys -- basically anything.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from? Radical human beings... Probably 25+ in age, but I am not a stringent person.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to? Wherever, whenever.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive? That which might get me arrested?

What would be in your dream letter or package? Taxidermy, an awesome letter, a hand-crafted piece of jewelry utilizing found objects, a map of a town I've never been to, or basically anything. I get excited to get mail. Period. End of subject.

Anything else you'd like to add? I have a cat; her name is Booker.

This is at a work function two days ago, and no, I don't wear glasses. They were photobooth props...?
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Name: April

Age: 22

Location: Indian Orchard, MA, USA

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Lesbian Female

Interests/hobbies: Writing, Reading, Watching movies, Watching true crime shows, Taking pictures, Shopping, Listening to music, etc.

Favourite books: There are way too many to list, but I *can* list a few! Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon, The Dollanganger Series by VC Andrews, The Logan Series by VC Andrews, The Twilight Saga, & Harry Potter just to name a few!

Favourite films: A handful I can name off: Dirty Dancing, Cry Baby, Twilight, Eclipse, Remember Me, Night of the Living Dead, The Fog; I love good old 70s/80s horror!

Favourite music: Mostly rock, although Ive been known to like other genres. & I'm a sucker for 80's music.

What would you like to send/receive?: Anything, really! I love getting mail. 

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who's interested in being penpals!

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: I would absolutely love mail from the UK & possibly Japan. If you're from the US, thats okay too. :)

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts") Nothing that can be deemed illegal or offensive.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: I really don't know. Just getting a letter would make me happy!

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'm in a committed relationship & am engaged. So please be respectful of that. Also, I only speak & write in English. So if you dont, I'm afraid I won't be much of a penpal. :(

Picture (optional):
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Name: Wendy or Wen

Age: 21

New Jersey

How do you identify?: I don't. Love is love in my eyes.

About me:
  I'm in College studying Psychology and Sociology. Free-spirit.
I Love: adventures, zombies, raw emotion, animals, spontaneity, anything quirky, tattoos, cats, food, meditating, yoga, randomness, imagination, creativity, smiles, crocheting, laughter, discovering, & awesomeness. If you wanna know more check out my tumblr and that should give you more insight :) http://inthismomentof.tumblr.com/

Any Dean Koontz book or Chuck Palahnuik, Running with Scissors, Jessica Darling Series, Speak, Dry, Harry Potter, Where the Wild Things Are, The Notebook, Into the Wild, etc.

Some favorite movies: Anchorman, WALL-E, Garden State, 500 Days of Summer, Timer, American Beauty, Big Fish, Sex Drive, Paris je t'aime, Away we Go, Euro Trip, ELF, Whip it, Zombieland, Harry Potter etc. Some favorite TV shows: The Office, Scrubs, Dexter, The Walking Dead, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, True Blood, Cake Boss, 30 Rock, The Buried Life etc.

I have an eclectic taste, but some of my favorites are: The Beatles, Alkaline Trio, Thrice, Jason Mraz, Circa Survive, Bayside, Rise Against, Regina Spektor, Adele, Foo Fighters, Iron & Wine, Death Cab for Cutie and many, many more.

What would you like to send/receive?: Definitely snail mail :)

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?:
Male/female/dinosaur/whatever between the ages of 20-26.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?:
I would like to stay within the US for now. (Poor college kid here, heh)

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?:
(eg. “food/candy with nuts”) Dead things. So. Not. Cool. Illegal stuff, things that would make me or you wanna throw up.

What would be in your dream letter or package?:
You can send me whatever you'd like except things from the "things I would NOT like to receive" question. I'm not picky, but anything cute/quirky/keepsakes/mixed cds/ books/postcards are always winners. And letters are just awesome.

Anything else you’d like to add?:
Yeah, I'm looking for someone who is open-minded, awesome, has similar interests (or totally different ones), someone who likes to keep in touch and not just do this for a one time thing, one who wants to get to know me more, share inside jokes/stories, someone who would like to exchange little gifts, someone fun who doesn't always have to send a letter, it can be a postcard or a picture, someone who can get creative and making the whole penpal experience even more fun than it is. Someone like you :)

This is me :)

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Name: Jess

Age: 28

Location: Southeast Michigan

How do you identify?: female/bisexual

Interests/hobbies: Canning, writing (poetry, short stories, really horribly conceived comics), biking (I have the most darling bike I call Finch), camping, snuggling (while watching movies, reading, looking at the starts, trying to stay awake, pretty much at all times), sewing (this fluctuates as I haven't actually sewed anything for at least a year), read (lots and lots and lots of reading), debating ideas (in a very VERY friendly manner-I don't do mean!)

Favourite books: I'm not even sure how to start answering this. Every book is my favourite book while I'm reading it. I have a Master's degree in Children's Literature, so I tend to read a ton of children's and young adult books. I am also a huge fan of comics/graphic novels (we can debate the (lack of) difference between the terms at some point). But here are a few that I keep coming back to: A Wizard of Earthsea, Rebecca, Persepolis, The Martian Chronicles, Changing Planes, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Boy Meets Boy, His Dark Material Trilogy,  Transmetropolitan, Sandman, Harry Potter, Slaughterhouse Five, Breakfast of Champions, Howls Moving Castle, Brave New World... rest assured that I could go on and on. However, if you want to chat more about my love of reading, I'm always game!

Favourite films: The Princess Bride, Star Wars (only the old school), The Birdcage, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Robin and the Seven Hoods, Serenity, Shaun of the Dead, Lord of the Rings, Cowboy Bebop, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Hero, Fearless, Iron Monkey (I love Kung-Fu...), Moulin Rouge, Pirates of the Caribbean (mostly just the first), Howl's Moving Castle, and Casablanca. I also have a soft spot in my heart for really bad sci-fi/fantasy/demonic movies...it can't be explained but I just can't help but love those flicks (Constantine, 

Favourite music: Pretty eclectic mix. I love everything from Bluegrass to Rap. My favs. might include: Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, Mumford and Sons, Iron and Wine, Madonna, and the Top 40 (mostly while driving or working out). 

What would you like to send/receive?: Letters, Postcards, artwork, photographs, small packages.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Totally open to where ever!

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Samesies. 

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts") Meat, anything I would find offensive (we can discuss this before anything gets sent).

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Photographs of personally meaningful sights, images, people, or things from your life/world/day/week/year/etc. Likewise, handmade things (art, poetry, stories, mix-cd, video, etc...). I actually enjoy hear about what people do and think of a day to day basis so I would love diary like entries! 

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'm a bit scattered and somewhat crazy, so you have to be open minded about this and recognize that sometimes I won't make much sense. 

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 Name: Jazzi

Age: 19 and 1/2

Location: Indiana

How do you identify?: I haven't quite figured this out yet.  I am female and closer to femme than to butch.  I am attracted to people who are intelligent, kind, and share my social and political values with little regard to outward appearance.

Interests/hobbies:  I like to knit, write, read (obviously), send obnoxiously full envelopes, record myself reading poems and poetry onto cassette tapes, draw badly, stare at the cute girl in my feminism class, and cuddle with people who are having a bad day.

Favourite books:  Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, and Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire; A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray; Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce; Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling; The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood; Possession by A. S. Bayatt; The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova; Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Full-Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti; Yes Means Yes by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti; The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir; ... A lot of other things ...

Favourite films:  I haven't seen as many movies as I wish I had.  I love children's movies because I believe that the relationships are so much more believable, the humor is more light-hearted, and because I very rarely leave feeling badly about myself.

Favourite music:  I like music that is light-hearted and upbeat, generally speaking, especially folk.  Again, I am not as well-versed in music as I would like to be.  Some of the bands I listen to frequently include Mumford and Sons, Sunset Rubdown, Iron & Wine, Josh Ritter, Kimya Dawson, The Bird and the Bee, and Andrea Gibson.  (Does spoken word poetry count?  It has lyrics ...)

What would you like to send/receive?: I can knit hats and scarves, I write stories and poems for people, I make awful paintings, I tear things out of magazines, and I can record myself reading stories for you.  I'd like to send tangible letters and gifts, but I would also be okay with e-mail, since it's faster and more convenient for some people.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who is kind, has an interest in arts and/or politics, and wants to send and receive mail from me, naturally.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?:  Any at all

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Anything with animal products:  I'm vegan

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Tea bags, lovely stories about someone's life, colorful photographs or paintings, small perfume samples, and genuine affection

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'm very shy at first.  Please don't let that scare you off.

Picture: Yay, belly dancing!
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Name: Leo
Age: 15
Location: Pittsburgh
How do you identify?: Genderfluid, genderqueer kinky, poly dyke.
Interests/hobbies: Horses, writing, violin, belly dance, reading, etc.
Favourite books: Tomorrow's Sphinx by Clare Bell, Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiaman, Fledgeling by Octavia Butler.
Favourite films: DEBS and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Favourite music: Rock. Indigo Girls, Tegan and Sara, Garbage.
What would you like to send/receive?: Letters and packages.
Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone.
What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Just the USA. Limited funds.
Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Candy with nuts, romance novels, most girly and pink stuff.
What would be in your dream letter or package?: An obscure scifi/fantasy book, pride stuff and a personal letter.

Why not :D

Oct. 9th, 2010 02:11 am
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I'm kinda bored, so I figured I'd run through this again :D I'm really not big on letter-writing, since I'm kind of swamped with schoolwork and I'm really bad about sending things out in a timely manner (seriously, the only way we get rent in on time is because we send it in online XD), so I'm mainly just looking for email buddies and/or LJ friends :)

Name: Cyrus (I go by Cy)

Age: 22

Location: Newmarket, NH

How do you identify?: Panromantic demisexual with an aesthetic preference for the male body. Also, pre-transitioned trans dude. I call myself a gay man for the simplicity. Also taken.

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Name:  Ryan Leaptrott

Age:  23

Location: Southern USA

How do you identify?:
(sexuality/gender) FtM preop transgender, pansexual

Interests/hobbies: Reading, travel, cooking, collecting stickers/hyenas/gargoyles/rabbits/pandas/stamps, anime, furries, conventions, sewing, drawing, history, nature, exploring other cultures, trying new foods, pokemon, video games, penpal-ing, jewelry making, computers/internet, music, animal conservation, comic books/manga,

Favourite books: Harry Potter,  The Lord of the Rings, the Dark Elf Trillogy, People of the ____ Series by the Gears, History books, cook books, Freak the Mighty, Where the Red Fern Grows, heck... I'll sit down and read most anything once...

Favourite films: Boys Don't Cry, Better than Chocolate, Inglorious Basterds, FightClub, Full Metal Jacket, Disney movies, Tim Burton movies... I love lots of things but honestly read more than I watch movies.

Favourite music: I have extremely varied music tastes and they really depend on my mood...

What would you like to send/receive?:  I would love a penpal who likes to exchange small gifts like stickers, post cards, a hand made bracelet... things like that.. It's not a requirement though, as long as my penpal has something interesting to say and will write at least once a month, though I understand that things come up some times and we don't get a letter out as fast as we had planned.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone! As long as they are open minded and can hold a good conversation on paper.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anywhere in the world! I LOVE international penpals, but ones in my own country are fun too because the letters come and go faster.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?:
(eg. "food/candy with nuts") Uhmmm I don't know.. I'm not too picky, I'd just appreciate that my penpal thought of me enough to send me a gift!

What would be in your dream letter or package?: A nice long letter, maybe some stickers, stamps, or something like that.. I love surprises, so I can't rightly say.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Contact me soon! =D I'm itching to write!

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Name: Luce



How do you identify?:

I take to a fiddle now and then but I'd hardly call it playing. I like hiking, kayaking, tabletop RPGs, some computer games, getting lost in the forest, studying language and assorted other things (helpful and less than-), working at the local library, feeding the neighborhood cats and tending to my tiny garden.

About me:
I read to a fault, I'm one of those people who reads while they're walking or watching something or waiting in line. I love to read fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, anthropology, instruction manuals or whatever I find laying about. I think baking with the right person can be sexy and adventurous. I can be embarrassingly easy-going because I believe there is a subtle grace to the way that things unfold and I love to see where life takes me. This may all makes me sound very adventurous but in fact I'm pretty passive. I would prefer pomegranate tea and a good book near the window to the outside world any day.

Favorite books:
This question is just too hard!

Favourite films:
I really enjoy low-budget, corny movies - especially thrillers. I really like to watch documentaries, old noir and black and whites.

Favorite music:
I'll listen to almost anything. I love global music. I'm not a big fan of rap or some country-western. Right now I'm really enjoying "gypsy punk", jazz fusion and old southern spirituals.

What would you like to send/receive?:
I'm open to anything. I'd love to share seeds or recipes, puzzles, mix CDs, collages, sketches or knitting. I would really love to make friends with whom I could exchange stories in letter form.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?:
I'd love to hear from anyone who feels like writing.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?:
Any and all.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?:
I'm pretty open...I would prefer that the outside of the mailing be discreet, as I live in a conservative area and it's not entirely safe to share my identity here.

What would be in your dream letter or package?:
I would love to have a regular pen pal with whom I could exchange riddles. I have a lot of spare time in which I create cryptograms. If this sounds way too geeky for you I completely understand.

Picture (optional):
I'm not completely comfortable with sharing my identity here due to aforementioned conserve small town living.

Anything else you'd like to add?:
I've been watching this community and I think the idea is wonderful. It would be nice to forge friendships with others nearby or far away. It's amazing to think that perhaps by sharing our lives with internet strangers we can all be a little less isolated.


Aug. 14th, 2010 02:32 am
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Name: I usually go by Jonnie (as you can see by my awesomely-simple userpic).

Age: 20.

Location: MI, USA

How do you identify?: Male, homosexual (leaning asexual)

Interests/hobbies: I really, really, really love foreign languages (top three: German, French, and Dutch); I love music; I play flute and I compose when I have to time to (i.e. not much lately)—mainly for piano, which I ironically can't play; I write stories when I acutally have time to.

I also really like cats, yo.

Favourite books: Stephen King!, practically any book in German (and sometimes French), and also books with gay themes (mainly romance, because...well, haven't found much else). I read a lot online, actually.

Favourite films: Don't really watch movies much, at all, but I usually really like horror movies, as well as German/Germany-themed movies, Harry Potter too, for some reason. Most of the time, the way I decide to watch a movie is to ask, "Is one of my favorite actresses/actors in it?" or, "Does it look scary?" Like Saw.

Favourite music: Rammstein, Björk, lots of classical, hard rock/metal, practically anything in a foreign language (see a pattern here?), electronica, and some other stuff. Meh. I'm kind of picky about music, I love it, but not a lot of it.

What would you like to send/receive?: Snail mail would be fine, although I'd probably prefer email.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anybody who's fine with my social-ineptness, for one. And I'd really like to send/receive mail from German and French speakers (maybe even Dutch), although I don't know how many native speakers are a part of this community.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: From practically anywhere. From Germany (and France, Canada) would be really, really cool too. Although maybe time-consuming and expensive. (That's why email is so A-W-E-sum!) I guess airmail might solve that problem, though.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts") Can't really think of much.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: A boyfriend (ha ha, I kid). Maybe music I could play; compositions would be really cool to send back and forth! Or stories to read, etc.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I am incredibly shy and bad at talking to people! But I thought that I would try this anyway, 'cause it's a cool idea and I'm usually better at writing to people than talking to them anyway. I'm a little worried about boring people (like this post, srsly, I can't leave interests and stuff to one-word descriptions, I don't know why!), so sorry if I do, I guess! D:

Picture (optional): Maybe if you ask, I'll point y'all to one/send one.
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Name: Chloe

Age: 20

Location: Vancouver, Canada

How do you identify?: Queer female. Pansexual.

Interests/hobbies: activism, photography, vegan baking, video games, general nerdery, being a cat lady

Favourite books: Good Omens, Harry Potter, Lamb, anything by Chuck Palahniuk, Lord of the Rings, Downtown Owl, Angela's Ashes

, etc etc etc.
Favourite films: Everything is Illuminated, C.R.A.Z.Y, Amelie, LOTR, The Departed, Mean Girls, The Princess Bride, The Lion King

Favourite music: Against Me!, Bright Eyes, Florence and the Machine, Jonathan Coulton, Lady Gaga, M. Ward, Nik Freitas, U2

What would you like to send/receive?: Email or snail mail, it's all good! 

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anybody!

 Except zombies. Or Slender Man.
What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: I'd prefer snail mail from Canada or the US, but I'm not super picky.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Human hair, nail clippings, and other creepy things.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: In a package? A mixed CD! Or candy!

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'm coming to this community with emotional baggage. I can't promise that I'll keep it under wraps, because I'm a bit of an emo right now, but I need to start making friends instead of wallowing.
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Name: Haley

Age: 16

Location: New Jersey, USA

How do you identify?:
bisexual, female

Interests/hobbies: writing, poetry, reading, music, basketball, photography,

Favourite books: harry potter, vampire chronicles, stephen king, jodi picoult, agatha christie, any fiction books really.

Favourite films: uhh, i like most movies. some favorites are zoolander, school of rock, harry potter, pirates of the caribbean, the breakfast club, star wars, horror movies, especially really cheesy ones

Favourite music: rock/metal is my favorite. i'll listen to anything, but my favorites are avenged sevenfold, disturbed, system of a down, queens of the stone age, bullet for my valentine, metallica, my chemical romance, all that remains, nine inch nails, rise against, linkin park, the used, saosin, justin bieber(JK LOL)

What would you like to send/receive?: umm, pretty much just e-mails

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: anyody who wants to talk to me :)

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: anywhere is cool, but i only speak english, and a little german, so if you want a reply, stick to those languages plz

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?:
(eg. "food/candy with nuts") no, not really...

What would be in your dream letter or package?: a story, or a poem, or just a nice letter. :)

Anything else you'd like to add?: comment if you wanna talk or someting...

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Name: Rachel

Age: 19, 20 next month (eep!)

Location: Oregon, USA

How do you identify?: Bisexual with more Lesbian leanings/Female

Interests/hobbies: Writing, photography, Supernatural (show), Veronica Mars (show), tribal/world music, cooking, veganism, nature, documentaries, history channel

Favourite books: Memoirs of a Geisha, Lamb (Christopher Moore), and The Mei Wang mystery series.

Favourite films: Foxfire (Angelina Jolie), Erin Brockovich, The Fourth Kind, Memoirs of a Geisha

Favourite music: Tribal/world, classic rock (hippie style), and alternative rock (3 days grace, nickelback, etc...)

What would you like to send/receive?: Letters, maybe small gifts. I don't have much money to send big stuff.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who is interested :D

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Any.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Clothes (not including accessories) and unpackaged food (yes, I'm paranoid).

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Just something the other person put their heart into.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I'd prefer to talk by PM/Email/Messenger for a few days before giving my street address.

Picture (optional):
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Name: Jess [Jay, for short]

Age: 32

Location: Western New York, USA

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Genderqueer/TransGuy

Interests/hobbies: stop-motion animation, photography, Flash, filmmaking (16mm), 3D modeling, philosophy, programming, bird watching, languages, The Arts, cats, writing, poetry, reading, anime, manga, audio art, digital video, gardening, oil painting, sculpture, veganism, LGBTQ activist

Favourite books: Slaughterhouse-5 [Vonnegut], Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Adams], Cat's Cradle [Vonnegut], Metamorphosis [Kafka], Notes from Underground [Dostoyevsky], ... naming a few; "Genres": Philosophy, Russian (translations to English), Beat Lit/Poetry, Animation theory, Buddhism, Non-fiction

Favourite films: Star Wars series, Jaws (1975), Night of the Living Dead (1968), Pulp Fiction (1994), Alien series, Goonies (1986), Monty Python and The Holy Grail (1975), Nosferatu (1922), The Abyss (1989), MIYAZAKI Hayao films, Quentin Tarantino films, Alfred Hitchcock films, M. Night Shyamalan films, ... naming a few; Genres: Horror, SciFi, Documentaries, Foreign, Classics, Experimental, Animation

Favourite music: The Ramones, Half Japanese, Tokyo Police Club, U.S.S. (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker), Against Me!, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Dead Kennedys, illScarlet, Pearl Jam, Green Day ... naming a few ; Genres: Punk, Canadian Indie Rock (CFNY 102.1 FM from Toronto, ON), New Wave, Blues, Jazz, Classical

What would you like to send/receive?: email until we get to know each other

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: from anywhere, but I speak/read English -- I have studied some Spanish and Mandarin but not really enough to converse (and few ancient languages)

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: food (too many allergies), anything sent must be in family safe packaging

What would be in your dream letter or package?: artwork

Anything else you'd like to add?: For the most part, anything else can be found in my LJ profile.

Picture (optional): See icon


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