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Hello all,

I'm looking for a nice lesbian Penpal friend to share my life with in writing :-)
I'm a woman of 38 years old and am married to my Wife Linda. We have 3 children of 17, 18 and 22 years old.
I'M working at an research lab, doing research on cancer in human.
I really love music and love to sing. Unfortunedly I don't sing as much as I would like (on stage ie).
I love pets. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats.
So if you would like to be my Penpal friend, please write, I'm looking forward in meeting you in writing ;-)


Sep. 13th, 2016 12:42 pm
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Hey folks,

I'm a 1982-born Canadian living in Sweden with my spouse and 2 children (born 2011 and 2014). Writing is my one true love and I don't get to do much of it these days so I thought penpalling would be an enriching way for me to keep the passion alive. I'm looking to exchange beautiful/eloquent pros with another person out there who might also enjoy the art of correspondents. I prefer typing to handwriting and snail mail to email.

If this interests you, leave me a comment with a bit about you - and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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Hello there, First off I like to say I found your E-mail on a pen-pal site.
I liked what you said on there and was thinking we could become pen-pal's.
If not I understand and thank you for your time.

My E-mail is lovekaramito@hotmail.com

My name is Samantha Ewasiuk I am a 25 female Canadian.
Living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I have 2 cat's who are my fur baby's.
I been pen-palling for 4 year's now. I found some really good long term friend's
and some not really good people at all. I love writing and getting stuff in the mail
other then bills or nothing at all.

I love learning about other people and there country\culture.
I don;t care for age\race\culture\gender. I am only looking for true friendship.
I am into so much stuff and love trying new and different stuff.

anime, video games, manga, pokemon, baking, writing, swapping, post cards, stickers,
animals, cats, youtube, movies, music, kawaii, cute stuff, dark stuff, zombies, shopping, road trips, history, Japan, cooking and so much more stuff too. I write back all the time and am a good honest kind sweet helpful friendly giving person.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] craxy4life at Snail Mail Lesbian Pen Pal?
Name: Michelle
Age: 44
Location: Ohio, USA
How do you identify: Oh so many answers... one of which is lesbian.
Interests/Hobbies: Writing, playing piano, hiking, movies, spending time with friends

I am looking for a pen pal interested in old fashioned snail mail. We can discuss anything from the far left to the far right and everything in between. I grew up going to church and continued growing my faith through college. While still actively serving in music ministry I came out as a lesbian. I continued to attend church though my membership was technically revoked. I eventually stopped dating altogether because I couldn't reconcile my faith with my feelings. That was about 14 years ago. Over the past year I've come to believe I can no longer deny that I am both a lesbian and a Christian. Granted, all this is just one aspect of my Craxy Life (aka crazy life). Some of my other labels include introvert, adult ADD, goofy, socially awkward in large crowds, and deep thinker... oh, I also have Swyer's Syndrome which you've probably never heard of.

If you are interested in a pen pal, send an email to: mharper at hgellc dot com
We can decide from there if we are interested in sending snail mail and exchange addresses. Your location in the world is not important as I am happy to send mail anywhere.
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Name: Dominyka

Age: 26

Location: United Kingdom

How do you identify?: I am married female... hmm.. Identify myself? I guess I would say I am human being first of all. But as I am married to a woman, probably it makes me a lesbian also :)

Interests/hobbies: Travelling, reading, photography, theater, hiking. I love nature!

Favorite books: Bulgakov Master and Margarita, Sarah Water books, Tolstoy "Anna Karenina", Saint Exepuri "The Little prince", Paolo Coelho "Alchemist"and many others

Favourite films: Tipping the velvet, Her, Inception, Magic in the moonlight, Bridget Jones etc.

Favourite music: Depends on the mood. Jazz, pop, rock, classic etc.

What would you like to send/receive?: I I love getting and writing letters old fashion way. It gives that personal touch compare to emailing. But either way would be good.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who is open minded, friendly and looking for pen pal also.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Any country.

Anything else you'd like to add?: So..if you are looking for pen pal just Email me: dominykat@gmail.com. I will be waiting.
I have lots of colorful envelopes which are waiting to be send out...maybe to you?
Have a beautiful day everyone:)
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Name: Johanna

Age: 28

Location: Sweden

How do you identify? I'm a lesbian

About me: I would describe myself as social, but an introvert with strong integrity. I really like to hang out one on one, but going to parties or being in large groups make my uncomfortable. I'm a true cat person and I have two cats, although my grandma has stolen one. ;) I'm a vegetarian, mostly for ethical reasons, but I don't judge people who eat meat. I consider myself as an open-minded person and I hope that I really am. I'm very interested in horse riding, reading (I mostly read novels, poetry and comic books.) and writing. I also like to hang out with friends, watch movies, go to museums and the theatre, play board games and more. I'm addicted to snail mail, cute stationary, veggie junk food and Coca-Cola, and I always listen to the same song over and over again until I get tired of it. :P

What are you looking for? I'm looking for an open-minded lesbian pen pal who likes to talk about both ups and downs. I would prefer somone who won't stop writing after one or two letters. Your age or location don't matter, but I only want to send SNAIL MAIL. I find that much more personal than email.

If you'd like to become pen pals, feel free to send me an email and we can exchange addresses. :)
My email is: jordgubbenjohanna(@)gmail.com

uh er hi

Oct. 7th, 2015 11:24 pm
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Name: Hana

Age: 19

Location: Wisconsin, USA

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Pansexual, Female

Interests/hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing

Favourite books: anything by Vonnegut, Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

Favourite films: Tank Girl, Natural Born Killers, Spirited Away

Favourite music: Folk punk is my best friend (Dayz n Daze, Rail yard ghosts, Chad hates george)

What would you like to send/receive?: I'd be into emails. If I dig you, maybe we can text? I'm frequently on the move.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: I do not care. If you're cool, you're cool.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: still do not care

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: i don't know.. It'd be kind of hard to piss me off, or scare me off.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: a cute poem, or a weird story, a freaky picture? something creative.

Anything else you'd like to add?: keep it real *^*
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Hello, Queermail community!

This is my first time in LJ and I joined specifically because I was looking for a place to find lgbt penpals - preferably lesbians, so it will be easier to understand each other.
I'm actually a closeted and "late bloomer" lesbian. I realised the way I feel last year and I'm 31. I'm struggling to understand whether I'm bi, but I think I'm leaning towards the lesbian side of the lgbt spectrum.
I'm sort of a loner and lonely by circumstance. I feel it would be great to find a new friend I can create a bond with.

I recently read an interview in an online magazine, where the journalist asked the person interviewed to write their answers the old-fashined pen & paper way, and they uploaded it like that. It was a wake-up-call moment for me, it reminded me how powerful and personal a handwriting can be.
I love the internet, how easy and communicative it is; I've been using computers since I was 5 and my current job is mostly about the social media, online research and marketing. And I like it. But I'm already spending my whole day in front of the screen.
So, let's try this! Let's anticipate the mail, which should hold something more than just the wretched bills...!

So... I would like to find a person closer to my age, like, 27-36 years old.
My current hobbies are:
net-surfing (of course)
watching old-ish TV shows online (Grey's Anatomy, L word, Hercules Poirot)
Fantasy Football (soccer)
listening/discovering music
I love gaming, but it's a hobby currently on hold, due to my PC's poor condition & lack of next gen console.(Fave games ever include Crisis Core, FFVII & Sims - all of them!)
Be warned, I have an Otaku side and a soft spot for Japanese culture - but it's ok, I can leave them out the conversation topics list, if you don't like it.

If you think we have enough things in common and as many differences as we should, or you just liked what you read, please drop me a line to try things out.
I would like us to communicate via e-mail at first, if it's ok, to see if we like each other as potential penpals and confirm we are who we say we are.

It's easier for me to check my e-mails regularly, so you can send them to:

Thanks for reading me, guys, looking forward to receiving your mails!
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Hi all

I’m looking for some penpals for my partner, snail and / or email.
We are fairly introvert but social so don’t have many other friends and most the friends we have are straight.
We are a married female couple.
The reason I’m looking for pen-pals
Because my partner has been through many struggles in life, and I feel they’d benefit from someone that doesn’t know us personally in which she can confide and ask for advice and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

A bit about her:
She is an Asian lady (Indian) and struggles with the fact her family, friends and community has turned their back to her sexuality, this is a very heart-breaking situation for her that she bottles up.
She is in her late 30s and a survivor, having faced problem after problem in her life.

We own pets and like animals a lot, though she didn’t really have pets growing up but now owns them with me.

Preferred pen-pal
Preferably females of the LGBT community, possibly gay men.
Any ages but over 25s preferred.
Anywhere around the world.
If you are also Indian it’s a plus due to the things you can relate to, I’m non Asian and sometimes it’s a barrier in certain areas, but really any ethnicity.

I hope to hear from someone, somewhere.

Thanks for your time
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Seeking any Gender and Sexually diverse persons to snail mail pen pal with. Anywhere in the world! But I only speak English =\

I identify as a Homoromantic DemiGreySexual Cisfemale Transmasculine Agendered individual.
Aka - complicated as fuck and loving it :P
Special Snowflake unicorn I am !

Shoot me an email if your interested and we can set up the snails part. Hope to hear from you soon :)
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Seeking any Gender and Sexually diverse persons to snail mail pen pal with. Anywhere in the world! But I only speak English =\

I identify as a Homoromantic DemiGreySexual Cisfemale Transmasculine individual.
Aka - complicated as fuck and loving it :P
Special Snowflake unicorn I am !

Shoot me an email if your interested and we can set up the snails part. Hope to hear from you soon :)
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Japanese name: Akura Chouko

Malay name: Nurul Hazirah

English name: Jaylina Avalon

Age: 25+

Location: used to stay in Japan , hokkaido . Moved to little island Singapore

How do you identify?(sexuality/gender): i am straight and a female.

I love: to decorate my planner with washi tapes, sticky note pad and plan things to be done so that i can be productive especially on my off days, listening to songs that motivates me,read penpal's letters and i would like to get to know more of you out there ( sometimes my letters may get a bit delayed because i travelled occasionally), collects more washi tapes,room decor, colour coordinate my outfit, make-up, even cosplay(i haven't done in a while),watch animes and watching youtube videos on decorating planners.

Favourite books: Harry potter series, reading historical novel with good old courtship and seasons, comical novel with romance, my favourite book titled: Belzhar.

Favourite films: new year's eve, eat,love,pray, transformers the first and second, real steel, battleship , cartoon movies like the rise of the guardians, polar express, christmas carol, corpse bride , julie and julia and many more. i have to admit that i am an otaku. an otaku who loves anime and certain types of cartoon.

Favourite music: anastacia, beyonce, ciara, keri hilson , little mix and fifth harmony, tiffany alvord, becky g and hip hop and rnb songs that has strong vocals and dance moves but no pervetic or almost naked video.

What would you like to send/receved: i sent gifts once in awhile in my mail. i sent letters, packages and especially if i have my pay , well that will be the time, i send little gifts. i love letters because it is like presents and i would love to receive gifts but that is optional.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone . everyone is special because everyone is unique and queer right?

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: anywhere, learning from friends has no boundaries.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: i once have this man who claimed to be a penpal and sent photos of him naked and pornography which i do not appreciate. i like good, clean fun.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: gifts that comes from the heart, that what's matter most. i have a few penpals and we exchange stay before so it would be fantastic that we become acquainted.

*Ps: my family actually was from singapore and I am registered under my malay name in singapore, Nurul Hazirah. So my address is under that name too.Just fyi

If interested: please email me at Jaylinabutterfly@hotmail.com and to know you have found me on LJ , please email me with subject: Calling out penpals. Thanks
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Name: Allison

Age: 13

Location: USA

How do you identify?: Questioning (lesbian, bi, or pan); I'm a female (she/her/hers pronouns please)

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, Writing, (does Sign Language count as a hobby?), tennis-ing, etc

Favorite Books: Oh, I love John Green. And Rainbow Rowell. Just, all the contemporary.

Favorite Films: The gay ones (i.e. Boys, Blue is the Warmest Color, etc.) I also have my guilty pleasure of Mama Mia!

Favorite Music: Hard(ish) rock, 60s, 70s, and 80s

What would you like to send/receive?: E-mails

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone (as long as you can put up with my occasional rant...)

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anywhere, really

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: However much I like gifts, I'm trying to be inconspicuous

What would be in your dream letter or package?: A golden nugget of advice on how to deal with my problems

Anything else you'd like to add?: Not really, thanks for asking
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If anyone knows someone who'd make a good friend or pen pal for me, please let me know or give them my info

Name: Victoria
Age: 32
How many: Unsure
Where: US only, to save on stamps
Age of pen pals: 20+
Preference: Female
What I want: I would like someone with as many common interests as possible or similar to myself

How do you identify? Asexual but as in, in general I have no attraction to either gender typically but not that I am not sexual, maybe I need another word. Aromantic, maybe? At 32 things are still confusing, hah

About: I am social phobic, despite often dyeing my hair weird colors and my septum ring (I plan on more piercings and tattoos someday; hawk, nebulae and cat pawprints). I am introverted, so I am okay being alone most of the time. I spend my time watching shows online, Netflix, playing app games and swinging around a string on a stick for one of my play addicted cats.

Interests: Dumpster diving, urban exploration, primates, video games, Nintendo, video games, crafting, cooking, upcycling, adventures, nature, paganism, eclectic paganism, rocks, cats, treasure hunting, metal detecting, dreams, symbolism, glow in the dark, UV, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, feathers, rocks, old photographs, found treasures, metal detecting, cats, Legend of Zelda, blood, gore, aliens,

Books: I love Francesca Block and pretty much all her novels (though I don't always read). Spook Science Tackles the Afterlife, A Certain Slant of Light, Doreen Virtue... I love reading non-fiction from the new age section, books on the paranormal, etc. Neil Gaiman, Women who Run with Wolves is an awesome book, I haven't finished but plan to

Music: The Birthday Massacre, Otep, A Perfect Circle, Tapping the Vein, In This Moment, Lacuna Coil, FlyLeaf, Within Temptation, Smashing Pumpkins, BlackMill, Conjure One, Olive, Sneaker Pimps (with Kelli Ali only), Fever Ray, Robyn, Phil Collins, Michael Bublé, Matchbox 20, Live, Imogen Heap some Tori Amos. A lot of 80's and 90's music. Brainwave, binaural beats, meditation music, white noise, nature sounds etc.Sometimes what I like depends on my mood.

Movies: What Dreams May Come, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Silent Hill, Nightmare Before Christmas, Pan's Labyrinth, MirrorMask, Labyrinth, Legend, Interview with The Vampire, The Neverending Story, Ultraviolet, The Fifth Element, Underworld, The Fountain, Wristcutters: A Love Story

Tv: The 4400, Carnivàle, Arrested Development, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead (no I don't watch just for Daryl), Resurrection, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, other paranormal shows... etc.

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Name: You can call me Amelia here, real name available when letter-writing.

Age: 32

Location: Helsinki, Finland

How do you identify?: I used to identify as bisexual, but I've started suspecting I swing rather more to the lesbian end of the spectrum than I've realised, though it can be hard to say just how much more. Female, born so and identifying as such. I'm still more likely to say "girl" than "woman" about myself.

Interests/hobbies: There are ever so many! I love to read, and I adore writing, especially creative writing (mainly prose with occasional dabs at poetry and dreams about writing plays and musicals) but also any other form of putting thoughts and feelings into words. I find the world a terribly interesting place, and am fascinated by a huge amount of things, with a particular interest in history, sciences, and just observing the world and people and thinking about life. I'm quite into languages and travelling. I also love spending time out in the nature, though as I live in the city that most often means parks and small-ish bits of forest. I adore theatre and have been known to travel to other countries to see a particular musical production. I'm a tea addict. I love crocheting, though lately it's often been limited to looking at pretty patterns or starting things I don't finish. I'm also interested in environmental issues, feminism and queer issues. I love animals, but don't have any of my own at the moment.

Favourite books: There are a ton, but some favourites include books by L.M. Montgomery (especially the Emily books), Jane Austen, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Sarah Waters, Terry Pratchett, Gail Carriger, the Harry Potter books, The Count of Monte Cristo, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, the Mary Poppins books, The Secret Garden, the Moomin books (am also starting to read Tove Jansson's works for adults)... I'm probably forgetting many. For a long time I mainly read older lit (especially 19th and very early 20th century), historical novels and fantasy, but lately I've been expanding more to modern literature as well, and I'm looking for new favourites. At the moment I seem to enjoy many kinds of things and can be reading Mansfield Park, Dykes to Watch Out For and some Finnish YA fantasy all in the same day. I also love poetry, and some of my favourites include Christina Rossetti, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, and some Finnish poets, especially Katri Vala, Kirsi Kunnas and Kaarlo Sarkia.

Favourite films: Frozen, Amélie, Dead Poets Society, F*cking Åmål (also called Show Me Love). I don't watch a lot of films, but these come to my mind first. I also like watching TV series, though I can only handle one or two at a time since I don't like spending that much time watching things on screens. At the moment I love BBC's Sherlock and have just gotten into Dr Who.

Favourite music: My music taste is mostly terribly untrendy and I'm mainly into classical music and musicals. I also enjoy Hayley Westenra, some film soundtracks, Josh Groban and Vienna Teng. My favourite musicals are especially European fare like Elisabeth, Mozart! and Tanz der Vampire, but I also enjoy watching plenty of other things. Spring Awakening, Les Misérables and Disney musicals might count among the musicals English-speakers also know.

What would you like to send/receive?: Mainly letters, though if we have shared interests, be it tea or poetry or whatever, we can sure also send things connected to them from time to time. Also, I've only started using LJ again, so if someone doesn't want new penpals but does want to become LJ friends, that's very welcome if we have some things in common!

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone with some similar interests, especially other bi/lesbian girls/women. Oh, and hopefully someone who's not going to be worked up if I take a while to answer. I'm only getting back to having more than one pen friend, and I don't yet know how it will go, what with having to work and all, so though I want to write letters, I don't want to feel really stressed about it. I'm kind of rambly and more likely to take some time writing a long letter than dash up a short one quickly.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Particularly Europe, but anywhere is fine. As a bonus, I'd love a chance to keep up my French and German through letter-writing.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts") Nothing in particular, though if you want to send tea, it's best we have first talked about what I mean by good tea. ;-)

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Just a nice fat letter filled with thoughts, life things and whatever else you want to talk about! I do love it if there's some discussion about things like books, theatre etc. in letters.

Anything else you'd like to add?: Contact either by commenting here or e-mailing amelia.in.garden AT gmail.com. And even if you come across this ad much later and feel like we should get to know each other, feel free to contact me - I'll let you know if I can't take any more penpals at the moment.
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Hello there. My name is Samantha.
I am a 24 female looking for pen-pal friends around the world.
I love doing snail mail more, so looking for some snail mail pals.
I am a long term pen-paler. I love making new friends in the world,
And learning about each and every body\there country. I would be happy to be friends with you.

I am a very simple easy going shy friendly sweet kind nice caring person.
I live on my own right now, with 2 cat's. I am a true animal lover big time.
I am looking for work right now. I use to work as a daycare worker.
I have 5 cat's at my family place, with 1 newt and 1 gerbil.
I am part Canadian and part Ukraine, but I only know English.
I am trying to learn Japanese, French and Ukraine right now.

Here are my hobbies\likes.
Anime, Video Games, Drawing, Crafting, Movies, Music, History,
Japan, Kawaii, Cute Stuff, Cat Stuff, Animals. Manga, Reading,
Cooking, Baking, Shopping, Gardening, Pokemon, Pen-Pals, Swapping,
Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Writing, and so much more stuff too lol.

Here is my address.

Samantha Ewasiuk
155 Briarwynd Court
T5T-0H4 Edmonton Canada
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Name: Rin

Age: 14

Location: America

How do you identify?: Asexual/Panromantic and Agender

Interests/hobbies: Reading, swimming, knitting, acting, cosplay, art, and writing. I love Homestuck, Welcome to Nightvale, and Sherlock. I know English and American Sign Language. I have Chronic Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Favourite books: Looking for Alaska, Crank, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Favourite films: Hard Candy, Silence of the Lambs, Sala Sombojocow

Favourite music: Mainly rock and alternative. (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Passion Pit, Black Veil Brides, The Neighbourhood, Rise Against, Pierce the Veil, Of Mice and Men, Sleeping with Sirens, We Came as Romans, etc)

What would you like to send/receive?: I prefer communicating over email, but I would be willing to send some art or knicknacks of mine, perhaps food you cant get where you live.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Just about anyone, I'm up for anything!

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anywhere!

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts"): Big packages and anything with nuts in it.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: A small army of tiny people from the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex that i would use to TAKE OVER THE WORLD
Just kidding im not one for getting packages, more sending them.

Anything else you'd like to add?: If you want to, you can find me on tumblr at www.satanbunnies.tumblr.com
Here are some gifs of me in cosplay
(Dave Strider from Homestuck)
welcome to nightvale
(Cecil Palmer from WTNV)
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Name: Niina, but I have a problem with names - I don't see how I'm supposed to identify with a string of letters my parents chose for me without even knowing me yet.

Age: Turned 24 on January 11th.

Location: Kajaani, Finland... from which you may conclude that English isn't my native language and thus I'm prone to making mistakes.

How do you identify?: I'm... queer? Can I just say queer? 'Cause I don't like to further categorize myself because everything is fluid. A year ago I thought I was going to transition but now I'm not so sure. Assigned female at birth, lived as a girl most of my life, but have always felt uncomfortable in that role. When it comes to sexuality, well, I'm married to a man but I tend to think of myself as panromantic and kinda sorta asexual. Not 100 % asexual but somewhat.w

Interests/hobbies A myriad of things!

  • Gardening! I started a gardening school last autumn, but due to my mental health issues (clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorder) I had to give it up.

  • Interior decorating! Once upon a time I wanted to turn it into a career, but really, I'm not good enough at it to even consider it.

  • Professional organizing! I'm just getting started on that career. I blog about it, and I'm currently overjoyed that my website is the fourth in Google when you Google my name!

  • Cats. I and my husband have one. A black boy called Hiili ("coal" in English).

  • Dogs. We have one, too. A Siberian husky girl called Voltti ("volt" or "somersault" in English).

  • The Internet. Obviously. I have blogs (yes, plural; I have an interior decorating blog, a plant blog, a Tumblr blog, a professional organizing blog...

  • Astrophysics and astrobiology. I'm terribly at physics and biology, especially physics, but I find it interesting.

  • Playing Skyrim and The Sims 4 (on Xbox 360 and PC, respectively). That's our hobby, really: we sit on the sofa, I spend time online and my husband plays Skyrim, and then we switch. (My husband plays a lot more games but I haven't gotten interested in, say, Lara Croft games.)

  • Reading. I'm currently reading about Feng Shui to incorporate that into my professional organizing business. Because the more I learn, the better I can serve my clients.

Favourite books: I've read a huge amount of books (learned to read at the age of four, so that's twenty years of reading for me) and it's always super difficult for me to choose a favorite. But The Lord of the Rings has stuck with me the longest, plus the Potter series, and everything by Jodi Picoult. I'm a writer myself, and I try my best to read as many different kinds of books as possible.

Favourite films: I'm not too into movies. But I've loved The Lord of the Rings, American History X, Fight Club, Klass, Zero Day, and a bunch of documentaries. What's that one in which ducklings jump from the tree? That scene is ADORABLE. I want to rewatch it.

Favourite music: My Last.fm will tell you more.

What would you like to send/receive?: Letters, mostly, since I'm kinda poor and can't afford to send packages overseas. At least not too often.

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone who thinks we might have something in common. I'm not too into the whole "you must be between x and y years old" thing because I don't think age is all that matters in a friendship.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: No preference. As long as your English is understandable, I think we're good to go.

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: Anything's cool. Except liquorice.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: Umm. I would like a letter talking about what's up in your life, with a bunch of random observations of the world and yourself, plus something that would be easy for me to reply to. Like direct questions.

Anything else you'd like to add?: I tend to be SUPER awkward at first, so... I'm sorry if I end up scaring you. XD Also, this Journal is only in Finnish so if you're looking to friend me, you'd better learn Finnish. ;)

Read more... )


Feb. 20th, 2015 12:17 pm
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Name: Chihiro[the same as the name of a Spirited Away.]
Sex: Female
Age: 23[I will be 24 in this year]
Location: Shizuoka, Japan
Birthday: September 10

Movies: Meet Joe Black, Big Fish, The Holiday, Shaun of the dead, The family man, No Reservations, Mirror Mirror, 007Casino Royale, Ocean's Eleven, Men in Black, Iron Man123, Johnny English, Good Will Hunting, The butterfly effect, The Shawshank Redemption, Seven, etc.

Music: Hardrock, Metal, Electronic rock, Drum’n'Bass, Hardcore, Opera, etc.
My favorite bands are Opeth, Lamb of God, Celldweller, Pendulum, Shinedown, Halestorm, Breaking Benjamin, Type O Negative, Stone Sour, Five Finger Death Punch, Black stone cherry, SOiL, Drowning pool, etc. And Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart lol

TV Shows: SUPERNATURAL, Friends, HEROES, Mr. Bean, Crayon Shinchan lol (Japanese, English) Sgt. Frog(Japanese, English), Steins;Gate(Japanese), JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE part3OVA(Japanese, English), Neon Genesis Evangelion(Japanese), A certain magical index(Japanese), A certain scientific railgun (Japanese), etc.

About Me:
I've been studying English since August 2014. But I’m still not very good at English.
It takes a while for me to respond in English.
I like listening to metal music, Hard rock music, Electronic rock, Drum’n'Bass, Hardcore.
And I like cats! But, I don't have any pets. I live in an apartment doesn't allow pets.

I'd like to be friends, pen pal, email friend, with have similar hobbies!
And, If it is possible, please correct if my English is wrong! And please let me know if my English expressions are mistaken!

Just message me if you are interested in being my pen pal!

[identity profile] bianca mary
Name: Bianca

Age:22 (turning 23 next week!)

Location: Canada (specifically Quebec)

How do you identify?: (sexuality/gender) Pansexual & Cisgender

Interests/hobbies: Finishing up my BA in philosophy and will be applying to grad school in the next year! Philosophy of art, feminist philosophy of law and philosophy of language are my three areas of specialty, but I am happy to read anything by anyone. I originally started my degree with a specialty in English Literature, so I'm quite familiar with most cannonical works. Reading fiction is still one of my primary interests, and I read anything from contemporary fiction to Arthurian Legends (but I really, REALLY love arthurian legends!) I also spend a lot of time cooking with my family, and I love to cook vegetarian and vegan meals! Addicted to coffee but I balance out the coffee-drinking hectic day to day chaos with calming cups of tea at night :) I've also been doing yoga for almost 4 years now and it's one of my favourite things to do, although swimming laps is also a must! I am also one of those girls with a membership card to the local museum, so I'm always hunting down the latest exhibit and enjoying myself there! Former theatre girl as well, so I try to get out and see a couple of plays a year (but that doesn't always happen, unfortunately). I'm a morning girl who likes to keep active and collects stamps but doesn't have enough people to send them to.

Oooh, I also play video games and watch anime for down time. Used to watch Korean Soap Operas, but haven't in a while! If anyone enjoys Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or Avatar: The Last Airbender, I'd definitely love to chat about those!

Favourite books:Not even going to attempt to answer this fully, but anything by F.Scott Fitzgerald is definitely up there ("This Side of Paradise" in particular). Edith Wharton's "House of Mirth" is also a contender, as is Sir Thomas Malory's "Le Morte D'Arthur. For anyone who is interested in philosophy, Wittgenstein's "TLP" and Rae Langton's "Sexual Solipsism" are two of my favourite.

Favourite films:The Philadelphia Story, Some Like It Hot, Divergent Trilogy, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Avengers (all of the individual Marvel films and the group film), etc. Always down to watch a new film, so suggest away!

Favourite music: Everything except rap. Also not fond of songs with strong violent content.

What would you like to send/receive?: Snail Mail, please!

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone! I'm quite open to meeting new people with vastly different interests/ life experience.

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to?: Anywhere and everywhere!

Anything that you would particularly NOT like to receive?: (eg. "food/candy with nuts")
Not particularly, I'd just like to be forewarned before I receive anything at the beginning of the correspondence.

What would be in your dream letter or package?: An interesting letter! I don't need much :) (maybe a cool stamp, too!)

Anything else you'd like to add?:

Picture (optional):


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